Custom Dotted Blank Travel Private Label Note Book Planners Diary A5 Journal Notebook

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Organize your day with a custom notebook ! Made with your images and text on the front cover, this notebook is a great way to show off your personal style and keep track of all important notes and appointments all at once.DIfferent size/inner page/bindling for your choose.

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Notebooks don't just come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they also vary in the number of sheets within the notebook. Some people prefer thinner notebooks while others need an encyclopedia-like notebook to chronicle their thoughts. However, sheet count isn’t the only factor in notebook thickness,if you have needs of this please send us inquiry,we can help to recommend and share more details.

Note Book Planners Diary A5 Journal Notebook (5)
Note Book Planners Diary A5 Journal Notebook (3)
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Custom Printing

CMYK Printing: no color limited to print,any color of you need

Foiling: different foiling effect could be choose as like gold foil,silver foil,holo foil etc.

Embossing: press the printing pattern directly on the cover.

Silk Printing: mainly the color pattern of the customer can be used

UV Printing: with a good performance effect, allowing to remember the customer’s pattern

Custom Cover Material

Paper Cover

PVC Cover

Leather Cover 

Custom Inner Page Type

Blank Page

Lined Page

Grid Page

Dot Grid Page

Daily Planner Page

Weekly Planner Page

Monthly Planner Page

6 Monthly Planner Page

12 Monthly Planner Page

To Customize more typle of inner page please send us inquiry to know more.

Custom Binding

Loose-leaf binding

Loose-leaf binding is different from other binding methods. The inner pages of a book are not bound together permanently, but can be replaced or added or subtracted at any time. Loop binding. Loose-leaf binding is a relatively simple method of binding. 

Custom Binding (1)

Coil binding

Coil binding is to open a row of holes on the binding edge of the printed sheet, and pass the coil through it to achieve the binding effect. Coil binding is usually regarded as fixed binding, but some plastic coils can be removed without harming the inner pages, and can be bound from the beginning when required.

Custom Binding (2)

Saddle stitch binding

Saddle stitches binding are mainly used to bind the book signatures together through metal threads. In the process of binding, the signatures are reversely covered on the conveyor belt, and the folding direction of the signatures is upward,  the binding position is usually in the folding position of the signature.

Custom Binding (3)

Thread binding

Threading and binding is to stitch each hand book signature into a book with needles and threads. The needles used are straight needles and curium needles. The thread is a blended thread that is mixed with nylon and cotton. It is not easy to break and firm. Manual threading only needs It is only used for large books and small books. 

Custom Binding (4)

production process

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《1.Order Confirmed》

Design Work2

《2.Design Work》

Raw Materials3

《3.Raw Materials》



Foil Stamp5

《5.Foil Stamp》

Oil Coating & Silk Printing6

《6.Oil Coating & Silk Printing》

Die Cutting7

《7.Die Cutting》

Rewinding & Cutting8

《8.Rewinding & Cutting》



Testing Expertise10

《10.Testing Expertise》





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